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Representing Medical Licensees Throughout Florida

Serving Nurses Throughout Florida

The investigation into allegations of violations of the Nurse Practice Act is a confidential administrative process. The Prosecution Services Unit for the Department of Health which is comprised of attorneys and support staff is located in Tallahassee, Florida. A Probable Cause Panel, which consists of nurses and members of the community appointed by the governor, hold a telephone conference once a month where they vote whether to close the case or find probable cause to file an Administrative Complaint. The Panel meetings are confidential and neither the nurse nor the attorney are permitted to attend. Even the investigative file is confidential; however, by signing an agreement to maintain confidentiality, in most cases we are able to obtain a copy of the investigative file.

As a former prosecutor for the Florida Department of Health, Megan has put her knowledge, training and experience to work representing nurses throughout the entire State of Florida. Nurses from Pensacola, Jacksonville, Tampa, Ft. Myers, and Orlando, just to list a few locations, have retained Megan to represent them and protect their nursing license. Several nurses are multi-state licensed and reside outside of Florida. Megan works with nurses to safeguard their Florida license and reviews matters that may impact their other licenses.

Over 90% of our clients’ cases are closed at Probable Cause which means that the investigative file remains confidential, the nurse is not publicly disciplined by the Florida Board of Nurses, and the nurse is not required to pay a fine or the costs for the investigation and prosecuting of their license.

There is limited time to respond to the investigator and prosecuting attorney. The Florida Department of Health has attorneys working hard on their side and so should you.

Call today for a free telephone consultation: (850) 307-5665.

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md sani
md sani
Dec 16, 2018

This is very useful website about representative medical license also Article is really helpful Thank you for sharing this knowledge

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