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Experience on your side:  


Megan has years of experience as a former prosecuting attorney for the Department of Health.  For several years Megan was a supervising attorney in the Nursing Section traveling throughout the state of Florida and presenting at every Board of Nursing meeting.  The Board of Nursing determines the discipline of a nurse’s license and reviews every settlement agreement signed by the licensee and the Department of Health and reviews the decisions of the administrative law judge should the case proceed to a hearing. 

All cases are prosecuted from the Tallahassee office of the Department of Health and

Megan will represent your interests regardless of your location throughout the state of Florida.

The Department of Health has attorneys reviewing your case, making a recommendation to the Panel Members to either close the case or file an Administrative Complaint. Do not go it alone.  Experienced legal representation is vital.  Megan is willing to work with nurses on payment plans knowing that they are already experiencing a difficult time and if an administrative complaint is filed will be responsible to pay the costs of the investigation

by the Department of Health.

IPN – Drug Diversion: 

diverting narcotics from an employer for personal use does not mean the end of your career in the vast majority of cases.  IPN is the impaired practitioners program that monitors nurses who have struggled with addiction. 

Entering the IPN program will require an evaluation, treatment and restrictions on your narcotics access

but once you satisfy certain conditions you will be able to continue practicing.


Criminal Charges: 

You are required to notify the Board in writing within 30 days of entering a plea of nolo contendere or guilty, regardless of adjudication to any criminal charge in any jurisdiction. The failure to timely report is automatically a basis for an administrative complaint but not all pleas to criminal charges is a basis for a complaint.  Call today to discuss your pending or prior criminal charge for more information.  Many criminal defense attorneys can assist you with your criminal case but have little to no knowledge about the impact on your medical license.  Megan has worked with nurses and their attorneys on understanding the impact of different charges on the

nursing license and can assist at any stage in the process.

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