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Dress Code For Court

Dress Code for Court

How you look and dress for any court appearance can affect your case.  The time you have to make an impression upon the prosecuting attorney and the judge is limited so make it count and make it a good one.  Judges and prosecutors have commented on what my clients’ wear to court – so they do look and notice you.



Active Duty Military – Uniform may be appropriate (call to discuss)

Solid Navy suit, single breasted


Dress shoes

White shirt (clean and pressed)

Solid color tie

No earrings or tattoos or facial hair

No jewelry other than a wedding band and watch

Short hair or military style cut



A conservative dress coming below the knees. (NO short shirts or dresses)

Close-toed shoes of medium or flat height

No jewelry other than a wedding set or band and a plain necklace.  

Wear neutral colored nylons

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