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Drug Charges


In Florida, there are various drug offenses which are prosecuted.  Someone arrested for a drug offense can be charged with:

  • Simple Possession

  • Sale or Distribution

  • Importation

  • Trafficking or cultivation (including marijuana or cannabis cultivation and grow house cases).


The severity of the punishment for the charged offense ranges from relatively minor sanctions associated with the mere possession of an illegal substance to severe sanctions mandated by law for offenses such as sale or trafficking. The punishment also depends on the type of drug for which an individual is arrested. The charges brought and the penalties sought by law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney for drug offenses will vary depending on the type of drug, the amount of the drugs, how the illegal substance was used or packaged, and whether the individual was armed. Similarly, the penalties or sentence for a drug offense can range from a diversionary drug program (See PTD and PTI) to probation and in severe cases, prison time.  Due to the serious and severe consequences of being charged with and convicted of a drug offense, the decision to hire a criminal defense attorney can become a life altering decision.


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