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Positive THC Test & IPN

If you are a nurse in Florida and have a test positive for THC you will likely be instructed to contact IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses). Many CBD and other products result in positive drug test results. Please contact me before you contact IPN. If you have already contacted IPN, please call me before submitting to an evaluation.

Many nurses test positive for THC and think that it will not be an issue to submit to an evaluation and promptly return to work. In addition to hair and urine drug tests, you are required to submit to a PEth test. The PEth test is a blood alcohol test which detects alcohol consumption 3 to 4 weeks prior to testing. Although lawful, testing positive for alcohol on a substance use evaluation often triggers a recommendation for treatment and monitoring.

Prescription medications: Many lawfully prescribed medications such as Xanax or opioid pain medications result in a recommendation for treatment and monitoring. IPN monitoring contracts are usually between 3 to 5 years.

As a former prosecutor for the Department of Health, I have extensive experience handling these cases. I have successfully represented nurses with positive THC drug test results for years without the requirement to participate in IPN.

Do not delay, please call me today. 800-659-7547

THC Drug Test
THC Test


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