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Sealed and Expunged Criminal Records: Disclosure required on Application for Licensure with Florida

Exception to Florida Statutes: Whether you are applying for a license with the Florida Board of Nursing, Board of Medicine, or other healthcare license regulated by the Florida Department of Health, you must disclose all prior criminal history, regardless of case outcome, which includes sealed and expunged records.

While in many situations you can deny that you were arrested after you have a record sealed or expunged, there are exceptions to every rule.

Florida Statutes §943.0585(6) Effect of Expunction Order and §943.059(6) Effect of Order (to Seal) provides in part that a person may lawfully deny or fail to acknowledge the arrest except . . . when seeking to be licensed by the Department of Health.

Depending on the specific Board applying for licensure, applicants with a prior criminal history need to submit required court documents, a self-explanation, and professional reference letters.

I assist clients with preparing the required self-explanation(s), review court documents, and applications before submission.

I represent nurse applicants and other healthcare professionals seeking licensure in Florida. As a former criminal prosecutor and prosecutor for the Florida Department of Health, I have extensive training, knowledge, and experience in both criminal and administrative matters.

Call me today for a free telephone consultation: (850) 307-5665 or (800) 659-7547.


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