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DOH Investigative Letter

I Received a Letter from the Florida Department of Health Regarding an Investigation. What do I need to know?

The investigation letter is the beginning of the professional licensing discipline process. A complaint was filed alleging that you violated one or more of the rules associated with your profession. The person filing the complaint is confidential and could be a patient, your employer, a disgruntled co-worker; almost anyone can file a complaint. The complaint is investigated by the Florida Department of Health (DOH).

The investigation process must be taken seriously. At this stage, while the case is confidential, you have the opportunity to provide a response to the Department that you were justified in whatever you did or did not do. The investigator may want to interview you. Often an interview is not in your best interest and you should decline. The investigative file is then sent to the Department for an attorney to review.  The Department has an attorney working hard on their side and so should you.  Once retained, I submit a letter of representation, request a copy of the confidential file, and prepare a written response on your behalf working with you each step of the way.  Unless DOH filed an Emergency Suspension Order, you are innocent until proven otherwise and able to work until DOH proves their case.  We have over a 90% success rate in obtaining a closure of our client’s cases during the initial confidential stages of the investigation which saves our clients public exposure, disciplinary action, and from paying costs and fines.  

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