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Florida Department of Health Investigation

If you receive an email, phone call, or letter from a Department of Health (DOH) investigator do not answer any questions or make any statements. The DOH investigator’s role is similar to that of a police officer. The investigator is gathering information to submit to a prosecutor to prosecute your license. Anything you say can be used against you.

Once retained, all communications with the Department go through my office. You do not have direct contact with the investigator or prosecutor. Every allegation of a violation of the Nurse Practice Act or any Practice Act needs to be taken seriously and timely addressed.

This is a confidential process making it a challenge to navigate without legal representation. Our initial response is reviewed by the prosecutor and Panel Members prior to the Panel Meeting. This is our opportunity to persuade the Department to recommend closing the case.

If we are successful in getting the case closed, the matter remains confidential, there is no disciplinary action, and it saves our clients a considerable amount of money. Many licensees do not realize that that when the Board enters a final disciplinary order the licensee is required to pay the costs of the Department’s investigation. The investigator, prosecutor, experts, are billing hourly on your case.

These matters are time sensitive with numerous deadlines throughout the process. Do not delay and call me today.

You worked hard for your license and I am dedicated to protecting your license throughout the process.

Call Megan for assistance at (850) 307-5665 or toll free at (800) 659-7547.


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