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Drug Diversion Investigations

Medication Error or Discrepancy: What may start as a minor medication error or discrepancy can turn into an employer investigation for possible drug diversion resulting in termination and being reported to the Florida Department of Health for a violation of the practice act.

Request for Statements/Interviews: Know that anything that you say or submit in a written statement can be used against you and will likely be sent to the Florida Department of Health in the resulting investigation. Ask yourself: How does this benefit me? If you it does not benefit you then why would you do anything that does not benefit you and protect your license. Verbal statements are often taken out of context or misunderstood.

Do not put your hard work and license at risk by responding to investigations alone. Protect yourself from the very beginning by calling a licensure defense attorney to assist you throughout the process.

As a former prosecution for the Florida Department of Health, I have extensive knowledge and experience with investigations for drug diversion and other possible violations of the practice act.

Do not delay and call me today for a free telephone consultation.


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