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Employer Drug Diversion Investigation

When medication discrepancies occur at work, often the nurse or nurses are questioned about the incident and asked to make a statement. Next, your employer will usually request a urine drug test.

A few key points to keep in mind during this process:

1) If you do not recall the medication discrepancy, say that you do not recall specifics. You may be questioned about a narcotics discrepancy several weeks or even a month after the incident.

2) If you decline the drug test you will most likely be terminated immediately and reported to the Department of Health for investigation. (Contact me immediately to start preparing a defense/response to the accusations).

3) If your drug test returns positive for THC do NOT make any incriminating statements. Many CBD products contain a measurable amount of THC and may contribute to a positive urine drug test for THC. Testing positive for THC will likely result in immediate termination and being reported to the IPN (Intervention Project for Nurses)/Department of Health. (Contact me right away to start working on your defense).

You worked hard for your license and I am dedicated to protecting your license throughout the process.

Call me today (850) 307-5665 or toll free at (800) 659-7547 for a free telephone consultation.


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