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Florida Department of Health is Still Open and Processing Disciplinary Cases During Pandemic

With the anticipated increased demands on our healthcare system many of my nurse clients are asking if the Department of Health and Board of Nursing are still proceeding with administrative investigations and potential discipline. Yes, the Department of Health is still open and processing cases.

I am in daily contact with investigators and prosecutors staying informed of procedural changes. Due to concerns with Covid 19, the Board meeting scheduled April 2, 2020, has changed to a telephone meeting rather than an in-person meeting. The Board will consider applications for licensure and certain disciplinary cases while some cases have been continued to the Board’s meeting in June.

Do not be lulled into a false sense of security due to the coronavirus pandemic that your nursing license is safe from emergency suspension, a public administrative complaint, or discipline. If you have received a notice of investigation of your nursing license for a violation of the Nurse Practice Act this is a serious matter that needs to be addressed within statutory deadlines. Hiring an attorney to address the allegations and respond to the investigation is needed now more than ever so that you can focus on caring for patients and let me work to protect your license at every stage of the process.

I represent nurses throughout Florida and I plan to continue to work harder than ever throughout the pandemic to protect my clients’ nursing license and keep you working.

Do not delay and call today for a free telephone consultation.

Megan Blancho (800) 659-7547 or (850) 307-5665

Former Prosecutor for the Florida Department of Health


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