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Investigation Letter? What Next?

Today we're going to discuss, what to do if you received one of these letters from the Department of Health stating that your license is under investigation for a potential violation of the practice act.   Along with it you will receive a Case Summary form citing the specific statutory violations. So the first thing you do is see who the complainant is and then contact me for assistance. All the letters say the same thing: that you have "20 days to submit a response."  I highly recommend that you do not submit a response on your own without contacting an attorney. The Department of Health has an attorney working for the prosecution and you should have one representing you. Now the only, usually the only thing I provide in the initial 20 days besides a letter of representation is a written request for a copy of the file is your updated resume, your curriculum, unless it is a high priority requiring an immediate response. It depends on the status of the case and how we proceed from there. There's four priority case levels which we'll go over in another video and this letter does not tell you if your case is a priority one, two, three or four. There's a lot of information and process to this administrative procedure for disciplining your license and our goal is always to see if we can do anything that we can to protect your license and get the case closed at the confidential probable cause panel meeting. Neither you nor I can attend that meeting, so it's important to have a response submitted in time for the panel to review requesting either a closure, no violation or a closure letter of guidance, which is also nondisciplinary. We'll get into more in some of the other videos about "can you afford an attorney" and really why you cannot afford not to have an attorney. I am a former prosecutor for the Department of Health and I have been doing this for over a decade between the prosecution and the defending of licensees. If you're a nurse, a massage therapist, pharmacist, or other professional medical licensee give me a call today. I offer a free consultation. Do not delay. This is your license that you've worked hard for and we're going to do everything we can to protect it.


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