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Cell Phones / Taking Pictures at Work

Having a personal cell phone at work is common, but when you are working with patients be mindful of patient privacy. Taking pictures of yourself in surgery with a patient in the background (even though you cannot tell who the patient is on the operating table) may result in your termination and being reported to the Florida Department of Health for unprofessional conduct.

Video chatting at work can also result in allegations of unprofessional conduct. I have represented several nurses who have been investigated for violating the Florida Nurse Practice Act for use of their personal cell phone at work.

Some medical professionals have posted pictures online of themselves performing a procedure without obtaining the approval of their employer and a signed patient release. These actions often result in permanent public sanctions.

The best practice is when providing patient care put the cell phone down.

If you find yourself facing an investigation for unprofessional conduct, call me today for a free telephone consultation.


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