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Pending Criminal Charge: Retain Licensure Attorney BEFORE Entering a Plea

While it is the plea to a criminal charge and not the arrest that triggers the reporting requirement under Florida Statute §456.072(1)(x) for medical licensees, the type of criminal charge that you enter a plea to greatly impacts your professional license.

Entering a plea to felony drug possession in violation of Section 893 F.S. triggers a mandatory emergency suspension and prohibition for renewal of the license for years.

Any theft charge, regardless of the circumstances, is considered a crime that relates to the practice of nursing.

Few criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience with administrative licensure defense. Many nurses and other medical professionals contact me after they have entered a plea to a criminal charge only to find out that a withhold of adjudication is a conviction for purposes of your license.

Your professional healthcare license is worth protecting. It is imperative to retain a licensure defense attorney to advise you and your criminal defense attorney on the impacts on your professional license prior to entering a plea to any criminal charge.

As a former criminal prosecutor and former prosecutor for the Florida Department of Health, I have extensive knowledge, training and experience with criminal cases and the impact on Florida Health Licenses.

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